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  • demoon811
    Rear housing, amenities and more perfect.
  • ayu monotonously over
    Very good hotel experience, it's really good ... next time to live.
  • City Flyer
    Good, is weather it rained in Sanya. heavy rain, feeling of tightness
  • steven_xuye
    Bidding than super nice couple hotel, room very clean, lighting is great, the location is very quiet, 'away from the bustle of the city, stay with their partners in the enjoy two world'. front desk staff was very good, recommend the constellation hotel. to amaze!
  • e00048675
    Is the private house, room is very large, Interior is very ordinary, street, near the barbecue, traffic is convenient! are part of our economy, economic conditions were not very good or travel costs have restricted passengers are very appropriate.
  • william1111
    Room is very characteristic, constellation and Zodiac, the room was fine, next time you kind of live, lol. services are in place, is the location a bit less beautiful, everything else is OK,
  • dess0109
    Hotel power outages to more than 10 hours to live, too hot to sleep at night, hotel, and their attitude is outrageous! junk home break hotel!
  • BJ expat
    Which is very nice
  • angel6909
    So, from the East China Sea not very far
  • angeljyp
    Than good
    It's OK
  • liuxi
    Also nice, the rooms are very unique, price is still pretty high, and have the opportunity to experience
  • jarvistar
    Location of the hotel is good, suited to the East China Sea to play people. hotel next to 3 bus to famous scenic spots needs to change. the hotel housing is very large, but we stayed in the House air conditioning leak, is like any other. breakfast in general but have enough to eat.
  • e00476453
    Room is very characteristic, constellation and Zodiac, the room was fine, next time the other living. HA HA, service is in place. it is worth recommending!
  • e00163802
    Nice, very value-for-money, price is not high, the room was very spacious. feel very comfortable! service OK! recommend!
  • A_, history and philosophy
    Very good nice hotel, very reasonable prices, came after unexpectedly good, convenient, coming from the urban area to make a car is convenient, and here well. love! and stay the night.
  • oceanxuan8366
    Generally, the surrounding is too noisy
  • cxangy
    Very good nice hotel, very reasonable prices, came after unexpectedly good, convenient, coming from the urban area to make a car is convenient, and here well. love!
  • Candy Chen Bing
  • maius
    Recommend this hotel, swiftly, price is very close to the people, services and sanitation is also great, very radical.
  • tangtang0806
    Very good service at the front desk was power outages dead, the network doesn't work
  • conne128
    Fine, delicate, romantic, warm, very good stay, didn't expect the price to live that good hotel, worth recommending.
  • Moondance
    Well, there are 3 bus at the door ... things are pretty cheap around.
  • fangxiang1982
    Very cheap, but the hotel is not very good, some remote, and houses some
  • ljm_109
    Order friends, comment on a little late, the friend said, well, compared to many online comments, have improved a lot, the prices are still very value-for-money. room with complimentary high speed wireless WiFi, cell phone, laptop Internet access very convenient, next time again to experience ···
  • m00838375
    Is happy constellation this of hotel to we brings of surprise, different of constellation property has different of story, this led with fiancee to Sanya associate honeymoon, feel feel Sanya of hot is prepared to set in Maldives, to has Sanya zhihou on determine has must to to Maldives there honeymoon has, for said this hotel's ~~~~~~ overall feel is good, price super good. on to force of wireless network, feel on like in with 100M of feel, is somewhat expansion. anti-Is my wife and I feel extremely fast, the room also featured a small gift, recommended this hotel.
  • luanjing871014
    Cheap, highly recommended
  • fanfan451
    Constellation even has his own room, is surprising, hygiene is also very clean, super fast for wireless Internet, rooms have a wireless router, in front of a bus, traveling is very convenient, cost-effective, value-for-money!
  • MustangGT
    Individual overall service attitude away from the noisy at the front desk
    Clause to my girlfriend to Sanya, featured here, Phoenix girlfriend intent, and says what is proxy testing, was nerve-racking, firmly what next time agents. and the habit is a living sign, praise!
  • ye841215
    Very good
  • larrylee
    So so
  • duan9272002
    Is good is fine of hotel, just live finished Sanya Bay and for to side live day, price is fair, to has zhihou a see unexpectedly of good, traffic also is convenience, from urban playing a car came is convenient, and side environment good, than Sanya Bay good some, also is quiet of, distance cable Sea also near, eat things shopping of place also more. say said hotel's, compared has features, although than five-star hotel of luxury, but also is small warm small romantic, hotel is focused on details, loadedDecoration nice, little girl at the front desk were very friendly, you can also consult with them lots of tourist information, are very careful answer. overall spend the price of a nights a good deal, it is recommended that you can come and experience, give praise, next time also came to stay in Sanya, Sanya Bay will also choose staying here for a few days, to play in the various scenic spots will be easier
  • bastianvrcomex
    Surrounding environment is poor, no parking, most people can't stand is a blackout no generator, too hot to sleep at night, mosquito bite very miserably. can't afford to go!
  • fenstone
    One word, bad!
  • fiona89757sd
    High cost performance, price, value and discount, the room is spacious, very warm, highly recommended!
  • liuyoyu
    Other than the WiFi not so good, others can say nice, very cozy, nice
  • e00155096
    Comfort! spaces a bit less!
  • RAIN215
    Recommendation of a friend, really good, the room was spacious and bright, very warm and mainly benefits!WiFi is powerful!
  • d00907680
    Ask for the quilt, jerk me around, no change the quilt room, filthy, piss
  • e01831741
    Fine, delicate, romantic, warm, just wanted to praise a stay, did not expect this price to live that good hotels, though a bit far from the city, but good wine needs no Bush, and running this stretch of the road. it's true! is recommended.
  • epblixin
    Health is very clean and beautiful women at the front desk was very helpful and asked many questions patiently answered each of them individually! very good stay! recommended!
  • newnewye
  • lcsun
    Value for money-good couples hotel, room was very clean, all were satisfied with, highly recommended!
  • bobie
    It's not bad
  • cnguan
    Cheats, only 100
  • duoduorina
    Hotel room is larger, Inn and other services and facilities.
  • e00615674
    Also, you can also, at the roadside are convenient, but feels a bit is a single point! Constellation of topics the United States stand out.
  • Jason.Lutao
    Bad, service super bad, and Xia with rain wants to delay two points Bell check out are no. said no is no. have you 12 points back., hotel not are is can delay two points Bell back did? now is off-season room and not so tension, more alone rain, to front desk said has half also is refused to, too didn't humanity has. directly poor assessment. hope to set room of friends good consider clear again set
  • e02120653
    Fine, delicate, romantic, warm, only wants to to praise of once staying experience, didn't thought this price also can live to so good of hotel, although somewhat away from urban, but bouquet fear alley deep, worth run this a road. with friends with set of two between room, are is good, two a theme not as of room, two a are wants to live, select up good difficult, if can in Sanya more stay days on good has, small of regrets, only next again to has.